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Saturday, May 27, 2006


Question By A Revit User
We draw quite a bit of details in our sections. If I Detail my Sections and do a callout. Do I have to redraw the components used and re-detail it?

Answer By Mr. Spot
just select all your 2D geometry and copy and paste aligned into your callout.

Answer By Gdoorn
What i have found works, is if you duplicate the section with detailing then adjust the crop region to clip only the part you want. this keeps the detailing you did, and automatically adds a callout. then you can assign this new "section" to a detail category, and it will work great. that is what i have been doing. hope this helps.

Question By Revit User
i have a section with similar Footings. I want to use the "call-out" tool to reference both ends. But it creates two different views. How do I "call-out" those ends, and place this typical detail only once.

Answer By Bucksy
Use option 'reference other view' when you place the callout.


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