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Sunday, June 04, 2006


Question by Revit User
i have some camera views placed on a sheet.Trying to change the size or scale if you will, like you would do through the properties dialogue box for floor plan view. Didn't see on option in there to change the physical size of the view.

Seems like the only modification choice I have is to select the viewport and move the grips. Problem is, that only adjusts the cropped view, resulting in less information almost as if you were zooming in on, for instance, a doorknob or whatever. It doesn't change the "scale" of the image, it only give you a smaller "aperture" so to speak, to see with. Any suggestions??

Answer by Tom Dinmn
In the camera view, click on the extents window (outer frame) and in the options bar above select "size". In the "size" dialog you can change the size of the view with locked proportions.

Also, be sure to explore the use of the F8 key when in camera views. It brings up a special window to change the view dynamically using commands like, zoom, dolly, pan and twist which are the equivilant to moving a camera based on film techniques.


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