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Friday, June 09, 2006


Question by Revit User
I have a multi-phase project I"m working on. Is it possible to create a door schedule from each phase that just shows the new doors going in? If so, could someone give some advice/suggestions? Thanks in advance!

Answer by Tomdinmn
Schedules can be set to show a particular phase via a phase selection and phase filter.

In the properties of the schedule (right click on schedule in project browser) go to "properties" and set the phase and phase filter to your liking.

(tip: get first schedule set up how you want it to be, then duplicate schedule and set to next phase)

Question by A Revit User
As an 8.1 user, is it possible to create a new, blank schedule where I can define all the rows and headers rather than basing it on something Revit wants to base it on. I want to create a room finish legend as I would in excel and control all the headings and row tiiles. Revit gives me a list of items to base it on but I do not want those appearing in my schedule. Any ideas?

Answer by Steve_Stafford
The only schedule type that will let you add new rows without an actual object present in the database is Rooms and a Schedule Key. For your Room Finish schedule you would like the room name and number to be based on the actual rooms in the project, true? Then just include those parameters and then make your own project parameters for the rest of the data. Just associate the project parameters with the Rooms category then Revit will understand that they should be available for you to add to the schedule. You'll also be able to add the data to the room object's properties.

Question By A Revit
User How is the "Interior Finish Schedule" Created in Revit. Do I have to create it manually or it is generated automatically.

Answer By Mr. Spot
You can create a material schedule but you'd need to do a filter on the elements in order to specify what elements are interior and what are exterior as revit doesn't know this information by itself.

Question by Revit User
i am fairly new to Revit, so i am by no means an expert. I have been messing around with schedules a little bit and organizing a drawing index on the cover sheet. and after i started the schedule we have since added drawings. but the new drawings appear at the top of the list, not in the order where we need them. how can i edit the schedule and move them down into the correct place?

Answer by Vdogg
It depends. If you want the sheets so that the sheet number is alphabetical, go into the schedule properties and click on sorting/grouping and sort by sheet number. If this is not how you want to see it, then what I normally do is create a new field for the schedule, and then number the sheets in the order I want to see them, and sort by the new field, and then hide that field, and the schedule appears as I want it.

Question By A Revit User
Anyone have any idea of how to set up a schedule to have the counts for each type of stall done automatically as well as having the stalls numbered? I have set up a chart but it seems to do a count per individual space rather than a running total of all spots or even of the types of spots. The spaces are attached to a floor rather than a ramp but numbering and tallying them up is a pain.

Answer By Reviteer
I have done several different types. My current method of choice is to not distinguish by type/size of stall, but rather to just make running totals. I do distinguish between areas, so I use the Comments field to give those stalls a particular region name, such as "Main Parking Field." To account for ADA spaces, I use the wheelchair insignia, with an entry into the comments field saying as much. I set up multiple schedules depending on the code requirements for a particular project, something along the lines of 5 spaces per 1000 SF and then another for Total Handicap Parking. Note that all these families are "Parking" families, and if you wanted to categorize by size, just sort them by family/type. Also, to label them (which I rarely do now), you can make a nice little "Tag" for parking, and just use the tag command like you would on a door or window. If you want a Tag, I can post it here for you, its just a circle with a number in it. I find that to be too irritating at large scales, but at finer scales, it works like a champ.


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