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Sunday, June 18, 2006


Did something in your project disappear?
Taken from the Revit Beginners Blog by David Duarte

Answer by David Duarte
1. Is the object's category checked in Visibility/Graphics (VG)?
2. Try changing phase and phase filter in View Properties (VP).
3. Turn on ALL worksets (it may be hiding in a closed workset).
4. Check View Range in View Properties (VP) and Plan Regions.
5. Check Design Options in Visibility/Graphics (VG).
6. Check Crop Region and Far Clip settings in View Properties (VP).
7. Right click on a similar object and Select All Instances.

Question By A Revit User
i have an elevation view where I'd like to show the studs, which I've inserted as extruded components "created in place". I don't want all the other walls to disappear, so I don't want to set the visibility to hide all walls. I only want to hide the wall the shows the particular stud spacing.Problem is that I created some braces for a second floor deck by editing a wall to get a 45 degree brace, now when I hide walls the braces also disappear. I'd like to show the relationship between the bracing and the studs.

Answer By Mr. Spot
Go to your visibility settings for that view Click on the filter tab.Click Filters down the bottom.Click New. Name it accordinglySelect which element categories you'd like it to filter through... In your case wallsSelect filter by... (select what you want, in your case comments) Then select the way you want to filter it (contains, equals etc) Then type what it has to equal. Now insert this filter into the view. Now all elements matching this criteria can be manipulated independently, either by turning them off, giving them a different line style (for example fire rated walls


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