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Thursday, July 27, 2006

Visibility / Filters

Question by Revit User
Is it possible to add a visibility instance (yes/no) parameter to a room tag such that one can turn off the lines(rectangular box) around the room number (Just like the parameters: Show room number and Show room name)?

Answer by Tomdinmn
Yes you can add a visability parameter. When you click on the line(s) go to properties and you will see an '=' sign. Click on the = and add a new visability parameter. I've attached an example for you to reverse engineer.

You could also take a different approach. Simply define a room tag without the lines and load it into your project. Then in a view or global basis select all the room tags and change them to the type you want.
HINT: right click on a room tag and choose "select all instances" this will select every room tag of a similar type in all views. You can also select everything in a view and fitler out to only room tags.


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