Autodesk Revit Building FAQ

Thursday, July 27, 2006


Question By Revit User
Crop Region is cropping almost all that it's supposed to, but for some reason it's not working correctly with room tags. That is, some room tags are still appearing outside of the crop region. Any suggestions?

Answer By Tomdinmn
Simply delete the room tags you don't want to appear. In 9.0 the tags do not define the room, rather just report on properties of a room so there is no danger of deleting the room if you delete the tag. In 8.1 and prior as long as you didn't delete the last room tag you would still be OK.

Question By A Revit User
my room tags are not showing up on a sheet.. for an enlarged plan. i do a callout, it adds another callout view to my floor plans. i drag the callout to a sheet and i can't see my room tags. all the visibility settings are on.

Answer by Tomdinmn
Room tags as all anotation is view specific. Doing a callout will only give you the "model" entities. If yout want room tags simply place them into the view or copy/paste from the other view.

Question by Revit User
I'm having a small problem. I'm trying to tag the materials on my elevations. I created a custom tag using the Generic Tag template so I could make a material tag. The tag works fine on curtain wall and walls but when I try to tag doors it just shows a question mark and won't let me change the value.

Answer by Mr. Spot
Its because the material of the door is most likely a type parameter of the door. Type parameters cannot simply be clicked on and modified. You would need to edit the actual door and modify the material that way. If its the mark value you wish to change find out the material of the door, goto your material settings select the material and click on the identity tab. You can then give a mark
value or any other information for that matter.

Visibility / Filters

Question by Revit User
Is it possible to add a visibility instance (yes/no) parameter to a room tag such that one can turn off the lines(rectangular box) around the room number (Just like the parameters: Show room number and Show room name)?

Answer by Tomdinmn
Yes you can add a visability parameter. When you click on the line(s) go to properties and you will see an '=' sign. Click on the = and add a new visability parameter. I've attached an example for you to reverse engineer.

You could also take a different approach. Simply define a room tag without the lines and load it into your project. Then in a view or global basis select all the room tags and change them to the type you want.
HINT: right click on a room tag and choose "select all instances" this will select every room tag of a similar type in all views. You can also select everything in a view and fitler out to only room tags.