Autodesk Revit Building FAQ

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Site/Trees etc. ..

Question by Revit User
I am not trying to edit the AccuRender tree...just the representational one when I am in a normal 3D. Even when I type a new height to my tree in its properties, the wireframe model stays the same.
Any advice?

Anwser by Mr. Spot
I've metioned this quite frequently...
Nest this planting family into a blank planting family and save and load it in.
This allows the ability to scale the dwg representation in the project.
No need to lock or constrain it at all.

Monday, May 29, 2006


Question By A Revit User
There is a grey plane that is almost like a floor on the outside fof my house. How do I get it to lower so that I don't see the grey but I do see my grass

Answer By Tom Dinmn
They grey plane is most likely a "ground plane" Ground planes are useful if you don't have a site plan and just want a material to appear in your rendering at a certain level.

To get rid of the ground plane yu have to check in two places:
Settings>Sun and Shadow Settings [un-check 'ground plane']
And:Rendering TAB>Settings>Environment [un-check 'ground plane']
Why there are two places for ground plane I haven't figured out yet.
Hopefully this will clear up your problem.

Saturday, May 27, 2006


Question by Revit User
I 'm just new user In Revit.Could anyone pls tell me how can I make a walkthrough/Flyover in color and How can I have them presented in .avi file format.

Answer by bolandereric
Start off by creating your Walkthrough once you are ready to make it into an Avi File go to File, Export, Avi. It will bring you to a save screen on theis screen you have a few options set them to what you want. In the Formate Display mode place Set it to Raytracing Push save and it will start to render. Just so you know Rendering these things takes a long time the last on that i did took 14 hours to render.To create the walkthrough go to veiw, new, Walkthrough create make sure to set your parameters that you want on the camera.

Additional Info by rkitect
Be sure you have the walkthrough open. You also want to make sure you have a render setting scene set up so that you can select it when the time comes. This will allow the AVI export to render every frame of the walkthrough and save it as your avi movie.


Question By A Revit User
We draw quite a bit of details in our sections. If I Detail my Sections and do a callout. Do I have to redraw the components used and re-detail it?

Answer By Mr. Spot
just select all your 2D geometry and copy and paste aligned into your callout.

Answer By Gdoorn
What i have found works, is if you duplicate the section with detailing then adjust the crop region to clip only the part you want. this keeps the detailing you did, and automatically adds a callout. then you can assign this new "section" to a detail category, and it will work great. that is what i have been doing. hope this helps.

Question By Revit User
i have a section with similar Footings. I want to use the "call-out" tool to reference both ends. But it creates two different views. How do I "call-out" those ends, and place this typical detail only once.

Answer By Bucksy
Use option 'reference other view' when you place the callout.

Revit and Backward Compatibility

Statement by Revit User
You can buy Revit without a subscription. This is just Autodesk forcing people into their subscription scheme.

Response By Steve_Stafford of Revit OpEd

Actually it isn't. Revit has never supported backward compatibility. In fact you don't have backward compatibility options that are all that practical with ADT now either. When you've got objects that didn't exist in earlier versions what shall they become in a Save Down operation?Revit was always sold on subscription basis because of the need to be on the same release even before Autodesk bought it. In fact you could only buy Revit as a subscription/rental basis when it was RTC. The development of Revit has been so fast and furious that trying to map out a save down process would have been a unreasonable distraction.The only folks that don't have a good recourse for this situation is students because the colleges and high schools buy educational licenses and those lag behind the commercial licensing for some reason. Otherwise a firm that doesn't do subscription for Revit is shooting themselves in the foot if they intend to collaborate with other firms using one of the three flavors of Revit now.